Establishing digital presence and generating leads.


The Discov is an ed-tech startup which makes the university selection process for future students easier. They have created an AI-backed questionnaire, which evaluates parameters such as academic reputation, cultural diversity, cost of living, lifestyle, etc. After the student fills in this questionnaire, he received a comprehensive report, which shows him top three universities which suit his needs and wants the best.


We helped the Discov to:

  • Establish the startup's digital presence 

  • Generate leads

  • Help Define startup’s future direction.


  •  Establishing digital presence 

  • Branding - determining overall style, tone of voice, colour scheme.

  • Creating and developing Facebook account

  • Determining overall social media strategy

  • Creating content plan

  • Attracting first 1000 followers. 

  • Collecting leads

  • Creating landing page explaining the concept

  • Creating several lead magnets to collect emails and phone numbers

  • Running series of paid ads on Facebook and instagram, for the purpose of both lead generation and data collection over the target audience

  • Running experiments

  • Defining the hypothesis about the target audience, for example, the channels they spend time on, demographics and region to target.

  • Conducting a list of small-scale advertising campaigns to validate or reject the hypothesis.

  • Scaling up successful experiments



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Address: Vredenburg 40, Utrecht

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