Expanding the Magazine Internationally & Making it Appealing for Millennial Audience

Editorial & Social Media Team
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WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

Seats2meet is one of the Netherland’s largest coworking and meeting space provider and a creator of an innovative matching software, S2M Passport, which uses AI algorithm to match its users to each other and events and content based on their knowledge, skills and expertise. S2M features 30 000 Passport users and more than 180 locations worldwide. Seats2meet Magazine is the main marketing and communication tool of the company.

The Challenge

Previously, the most frequent Seats2meet visitors and magazine readers were Dutch people in the age category 35-55.

Our goal was to: 

- Make the concept appealing to younger millennial crowd

- Create constant structure for guest blogging and start monetizing on the magazine through affiliate marketing

- Develop S2M social media channels and reflect complexity of the concept through continiuous high-quality content