FUI - Avant-Garde Fashion Brand.
From Amsterdam to Online.

Project Timeline:

Continuous Collaboration


Go-to-market strategy, Branding, Brand Strategy, UX Design, Copywriting, Web Development

Tools Used:

Figma, WordPress

Fucked Up Individuals

FUI is an Amsterdam-based avant-garde fashion brand. It's a clothing brand that seeks to deviate from any kind of mainstream. FUI is about a power of precise aesthetics and self-expression.

It is a high-end brand inspired by Japanese aesthetics and dark avant-garde culture.

Main Task:

As COVID-19 served as a digital catalyst, a need to expand FUI store from its already established offline space to online became more prominent. EDGEncy team supported transition into online space by developing a market research, brand strategy and an e-commerce website.

Conducting research & developing branding startegy

Creating UX design of the website & developing the website

Research: Trends in Fashion Industry

The pandemic has forced a shift away from buying experiences to buying things
with a functional purpose. However, it is expected that the experience economy will be returning in 2022, and will be there to stay.
Fulfillment and experience will be the main function of physical stores, while online
will serve the function of product discovery.
Majority of consumers expect fashion brands to become more sustainable and

Brand Mission

If you’re fucked up, own it. We believe rules were meant to be broken, and FUI is a bold first step towards expressing your belief in a world without limitations.


Initially, we determined which functionality would be required by the website. Because the main goal of the website is selling online, e-commerce functionality is an important aspect. The website also required a high degree of customization. That's why it was decided to use Wordpress. The platform has a high level of functionality and allows for an easy customization.

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