How to Sell High-End Furniture that Cannot be Sold Online, Online.


TSOBT is a new luxury furniture store in Amsterdam. All of the pieces are meticulously selected from craftsmen across Europe. The store was founded in 2020, and the founders hired the EDGEncy team to help them develop their online presence,  increase awareness & sales through digital channels to boost offline sales. Our collaboration continuous as the company continues to grow and develop.


PPC (Search & Local Google Ad Campaigns), Copywriting

Tools Used:

Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio


Testing Stage: Search Campaign

Since the store does not allow sales online due to high level of product exclusivity and customization, we needed to find the most optimal campaign that would boost offline sales.  We have also gathered audiences from the previous campaigns and wanted to test them out with the new one.


Half-Automated Bidding

We went with Search Campaign using the Half-Automated Bidding - “Maximize Clicks” with limited CPC. Previously we had other type of campaigns running in the TSOBT ad account - with the different topic and different conversion actions. Therefore, we had to let the system know that we have attached new conversions actions to this campaign, and let the campaign "warm up" a bit before using Smart features of Google.



We chose Keyword Targeting with Phrase and Broad Match Modifiers types of Keywords. We also chose regions with high-end housing in and around Amsterdam for location targeting, and narrowed down the targeting  to people who are more likely to show intent in buying luxury products. This did not bring us any result (our end goal was to increase the number of Planned Visits, Foot Traffic to the Store, and Final Purchases of Furniture). So we went for a different campaign.

Next Stage: Local Campaign

After our first round of testing with the Search Campaign, we have decided to switch to the Local Campaign. This way, instead of looking for audiences with a high intend, we would create an intend while incentivizing local actions (store visits, foot traffic).

Unlike any Search Campaign, a Local Campaign does not require a heavy setup, and runs on Machine Learning using the data from the Google Account. We have come up with several creatives: images and videos, and have created headlined in two languages: English and Dutch.

Soon after the launch of the campaign, we have started to receive needed macro-conversions. We were able to achieve a high reach (over 1 million impressions, which is equal to the population of Amsterdam) for a low price. This has led us to a logical next stage - the results were slowly going down.

We have launched another round of creatives for a new ad group to test how the results would be (you can see them down below).
We are currently continuing running this Local Campaign with regular rotations of creatives, monitoring and adjustments. The results steadily come in, bringing attention and traffic to the store.


Local Campaign: Results that we achieved
(2 months period): 

4 556 415


30 708

interactions with the ads


average CPC


cost per conversion

1 353


1 183%

potential ROAS

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