Website Rebranding of the Nutrition Program


Branding, Web Design

Tools Used:

Photoshop, Figma, Squarespace, Google Analytics

About the Program: 

The client company provides nutrition coaching service. They help health-conscious people build a well-balanced, sugar-free diet by offering them a personalized nutrition program. As a result, the participants of the program rapidly transition to a healthier, more sustainable livestyle.

The Request: 

The client came to us with a request to analyze and improve their website. The problem was that even though there was consistent traffic to the website, the number of conversions was low.
After analyzing the website and conducting usability tests, we concluded that the low conversions were likely caused by:

Website design and UX

Load Speed & Lack of mobile optimization


Rebranding Process


Defining Target Audience

We started off by analyzing the company's target audience. Their main consumer base was largely female, 35 to 60 years of age, and interested in wellness, mindfulness, and an overall healthy lifestyle.


Clients' Motivation

Based on our customer research, we discovered that the major considerations for choosing a nutrition program were overall health benefits, changing unsustainable eating habits, and acquiring more sustainable living habits.  


Defining Design Flaws

The current design was not well-suited to represent these values. It was too dark, didn't include a value proposition, and contained excess text. Also, the visual content did not align well with the concept.


Optimization and Growth

We selected a more optimal color scheme, defined a unique value proposition and selected more conducive visuals. We then optimized the mobile version and restructured the content of the website to make it easier to navigate.