Online Fashion Brand: Website Usability Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization

The Request: 

The client came to us with a request to analyze and improve their website. They were not getting enough conversions, and the bounce rate was too high.


UX, Usability Testing

Tools Used:

Figma, Usability Hub, Hotjar

What we did: 


Analyzed the Website

We analyzed the website, looking at the next factors: Usability, UX, Consistency, Tone of Voice and Visuals.


Created a Test Version

Based on our assumptions, we created a test version of the website - a simple mockup of the new home page.


Usability Testing

We ran usability testing with the focus group of 50 women that matched customer persona profile. They were offered to choose a design that is more appealing and clear.



80% of the focus group voted for the new test design of the website. Based on the research, we've created a report with a step-by-step plan for website improvement. We installed Hotjar to further monitor visitors behavior.

Report Structure

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