How to Use Your Customers’ Boredom as Your Resource

Most of us have been spending the past several weeks within the continent of our houses. This creates both unique challenges and opportunities for businesses. We’re isolated from one another in the physical world - but we connect digitally. Your customer’s attention is a valuable resource - and now you have more of it. This is not a positive factor in itself - not all the companies are prepared for the increase in the overall increase in the screen time. For example, Netflix and Youtube had to cut the quality of the video they stream to be able to accommodate an enormous increase in demand.

However, if you stay creative, you can manage to use the power of the internet to foster a deeper connection with your target audience. Connections built in terms of crisis are proved to be more lasting. In the research published by Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, people who have recently experienced a stressful and emotionally charged situation, were more open to connect with others and form deep connections with them. Therefore, we hope that you manage to use the time of change and uncertainty as an opportunity to develop your professional connections further. On our behalf, we’re happy to provide you with some inspiration on how to achieve that from the safety of your house.

Create a viral challenge which your audience can do from home

Do you already have a sufficiently large following on social media? Right now is a good time to re-engage them! Are you a B2C business which usually relies on personal contact? Think of a way in which you can continue providing the services digitally. For example, if you’re a fitness trainer, you can set up a Quarantine Challenge - a daily assignment until the end quarantine. This will help you to engage your clients on a daily basis. Moreover, it will help you to change the format of your services to online. You don’t have to create the content from these challenges from scratch - you can also put together the content from the past and reuse it for the new purpose.


More free time means that there is more time available to learn something new. This means that you can deepen your skills as a professional with one of the numerous available online resources. Moreover, it is also an excellent opportunity to educate your customers about your area of expertise. Are you an expert in something? Now you have more stage than ever to share your knowledge and subsequently attract more clients.

You can do that in endless ways - whether you decide to offer an online course, make webinars or write an article - only your creativity is the limit. However, do not forget that as people start spending more time online, the amount of digital offerings is also increasing greatly. Therefore, make sure that your offering is unique, authentic and honest. This way, you will stand out from "yet another" online service and stand out in the minds of consumers.

Organize events & Network

Surely, the online ones! Meeting with your clients and partners in person is still a long time ahead. However, there are platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangout to meet with them virtually instead! This can be as simple as organising your team’s weekly drinks digitally, or as elaborate as organising a full fledged conference. Even remotely, you can maintain close relationships with people around you. With some imagination, you can even expand your network - it’s a good time to join or create an online community of professionals from anywhere in the world. Also, this type of interaction can help you to learn about what other people in your industry or profession are doing during the crisis and how they are adjusting to the situation. This can be invaluable insights for the future of your company.

Staying connected while never meeting each other face to face is a tough challenge. However, one of the greatest advantages of the current time is that communication technologies are at the highest level of development in human history. Therefore, even if we cannot leave the house, we still have enough opportunities to stay in touch, do our work, grow and develop. Hope that your time at home brings you new opportunities and creative ideas! Stay connected!