Our Solutions:

Expanding with Amsterdam Tech Facilitator (ATF)

Last summer, we held a successful pre-launch event for the Amsterdam Tech Facilitator (ATF). This event allowed us to connect with many talented founders who are interested in growing their businesses in the Netherlands. Their feedback has been instrumental in shaping the services we offer through ATF.

A Holistic Approach

Through collaborations with Businessights and Amsterdam Tech, we've expanded our range of services. In addition to marketing and growth strategies, we now provide expertise in visa facilitation, legal guidance, investment support, and the technical aspects of startup operations.

Customized Support for Non-EU Startups

Our team is currently focused on creating a tailored program for non-EU startups to ensure a smooth entry into the Netherlands. We've been in discussions with founders from various countries, including the UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, and Kazakhstan, to understand their unique needs and adapt our program accordingly.

Key ATF Highlights

Here are some notable highlights from ATF's first two months:

  • Tech Park Collaboration: We're in talks with Yildiz, Turkey's largest Tech Park, to provide valuable assistance to their startups looking to establish a presence in the Netherlands.
  • Investment Success: ATF's investor network helped secure €600,000 in seed funding for promising startups.
  • Mentorship Expantion: Our mentor network now includes seasoned tech professionals covering areas such as business development, technology consulting, communications, education, and investments.

Stay Informed

We will be happy to keep you updated as our initiatives progress. If any of our services align with your startup's needs, we invite you to reach out to us. Your success is important to us, and we're here to support you on your journey in the Netherlands.

For inquiries or to explore how EDGEncy can assist your startup, please don't hesitate to contact us.