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The Investor x Founder Mixer: Where Connections Flourished

Did you manage to recover from the intensity of the June conference season? Our team is finally catching our breath after an eventful month - from Money2020 and The Next Web to the Launch Event of our new Facilitator Program. We’ve been busy, to say the least. We now have got some remarkable highlights to share with you, and some new opportunities for collaboration ahead. 

We kicked off the TNW Conference with a bang by hosting our own side event - a Founders x Investors Mixer in a beautiful canal garden in the center of Amsterdam, setting the stage for fruitful networking opportunities. To make the night even more exciting, we organized a Startup Battle, where eight entrepreneurs showcased their startups to a panel of seasoned investors (Alper Utku, Burak Mahir Cinkaratas, and Volkan Gunel). We ensured the lineup of startups was diverse, encompassing areas such as GreenTech, Psychodelics, EdTech, Cable Infrastructure, and HealthTech. 

🏆 Drumroll, please! Congratulations to geoFluxus - Our Pitch Battle Winner!

GeoFluxus, represented by Arnout Sabbe, became the pitch battle winner. GeoFluxus's revolutionary solution enables the mapping, analysis, and prediction of areas where materials can be saved from becoming waste.

Introducing AMF - Amsterdam Tech Facilitator

Amsterdam Tech Facilitator is founded by Alper Utku, Kamila Ishalina, Masha Moisseyeva and Volkan Resat Gunel

Amsterdam Tech Facilitator, our latest brainchild unveiled amidst the exciting networking, is the culmination of almost a year's worth of dedicated effort. In collaboration with the Amsterdam Tech Institute, Businessights (Legal & Business Consultancy for startups), and our digital marketing EDGEncy, ATF aims to create a comprehensive platform for startup growth, particularly for those expanding to Europe from outside the EU.

Facilitation of Startup Visas: For non-EU startups looking to relocate to the Netherlands, ATF will be there to streamline the process and provide guidance on obtaining the necessary visas. We understand the challenges and intricacies involved, and we're here to simplify the journey.

Legal and Corporate Expertise: Navigating the legal and corporate landscape can be daunting for startups. That's why ATF offers comprehensive support and expertise in legal matters, ensuring startups have a solid foundation and compliance in all their operations.

Marketing, Communication, and Sales Strategies: We know that effective marketing, communication, and sales strategies are crucial for startup success. ATF brings together our digital marketing EDGEncy to provide startups with tailored strategies and tactics that will amplify their presence, engage their target audience, and drive growth.

Connections to a Thriving Ecosystem: One of the key ingredients for startup success is a strong network. ATF leverages its extensive ecosystem of investors, enterprises, and fellow startups to connect startups with valuable opportunities for growth, fundraising, and proof-of-concept development. We're here to open doors and pave the way for meaningful collaborations.

As we wrap up this remarkable event, we want to extend an open invitation to all founders, investors, and ecosystem players to reach out to us. Let's explore how we can support each other, foster meaningful connections, and work together towards shared success. Our team at AMF - Amsterdam Tech Facilitators is here to provide guidance, resources, and opportunities to help startups thrive in Europe's dynamic tech landscape.

So, whether you're a founder with a groundbreaking idea, an investor seeking promising ventures, or an ecosystem player looking to contribute to the growth of the startup community, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can create a vibrant ecosystem where innovation flourishes and dreams turn into reality.

<3 Feel free to reach out to us through the website adamtech.org