SMM Strategy or SMM Tragedy?

Imagine, there is a small new B2B company with a niche product that is neither visual nor interesting for a broad crowd.

The founder/management decides that Social Media needs to be a part of their marketing strategy.

The most logical step for a niche B2B enterprise would be to create a Linkedin page that would serve as a platform for creating expert content, networking and  which would serve as a supporting tool to their website.
Instead, this company decides that they need to be on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and oh yeah…Clubhouse. Because “Everyone is there”.

Without any strategy behind and without much budget (let’s say 500 euro per month), this company hires an “SMM Specialist”.

SMM Specialist writes posts, creates graphics on Canva, takes photos on videos with his latest iPhone and camera - all by himself. None of the posts have clear CTA or serve as a part of the company’s sales funnel.

Instead, this company generates a lot of mediocre content across many channels, that has no purpose and no measurable metrics.

To “get likes” and to “be out there“ are not strategic goals and not the right KPIs.

Quality matters over quantity. For the budget of 500 euro, it would be much more reasonable to create 5-10 high-quality posts in 1 or 2 platforms than creating 30 mediocre once all over the place.

Every post and every piece of content that is produced needs to have a clear purpose behind it and serve as a reflection of the company’s brand. Proper high-quality post creation involves copywriting, photography and graphic/motion design skills… and one SMM specialist most of the time cannot have it all.

But as long as companies have this mentality of being everywhere without a clear purpose, there will be a lot of mediocre SMM specialists that have no understanding of Integrated Sales Funnel and Branding, that have no hard skills and knowledge of marketing, and Social Media will continue being flooded with purposeless content.