The Future of Work in the Era of Metaverse

In the past couple of years, a lot has been said about the future of work.  However, the digitalization of our workspaces develops even further. And its benefits go much further than not having to dress up to talk to your colleagues or avoiding overcrowded metro early in the morning. So, what will the brand new workspace look like? We will be excited to find out!

Metaverse for Work?

Let’s consider what potential advancement of Web 3.0 and metaverse has for the future of collaboration. With the development of video technology and AR/VR interacting with your colleague as if he was in the same room with you becomes not science fiction, but our quickly upcoming reality.

So, what will you be able to do in your metaverse workspace? Let’s take Microsoft Mesh as an example. This virtual collaboration tool is described as “the company's ambitious new attempt at unifying holographic virtual collaboration across multiple devices, be they VR headsets, AR, laptops or smartphones”. With Microsoft Mesh, your team will be able to make use of:


Teleportation becomes a reality soon. With this technology, you’d be able to create a holographic image of yourself in a different location. Then you’d be able to control how this image interacts with its surroundings. This means you will be able to be somewhere without actually being somewhere. Speaking about eliminating the need to commute!..

3D Avatars

Wish your work was more like a game? That will be the case in the future! Create a virtual representation of yourself in any way you like - whether exactly how you are, or like someone else completely. And forget about the bad hair day from now on - in Metaverse, you can always have great hair! Or no hair at all, if that’s what you’re into!

Quality Audio

You will be able to hear your colleague from the other side of the world as if she was next to you. On top of that, you’d be able to receive an automatic translation from this person’s language to your own. That’s truly the world without borders!

Your Own Unique Workspace

Real estate for office spaces is expensive and now frequently considered not so useful. Virtual office space, on the other hand, could provide a viable alternative. This can become the missing collaboration aspect we lack in our current work-from-home setup. Further, the design freedom and low cost of setup are a huge advantage for most European cities!

When Will the Future Become the Present?

This technology may sound too ambitious to become a part of our everyday work life just yet. However, the future may be closer than we think. Microsoft announced that we will be able to use Mesh for Teams already in the first half of this year. We’re curious to see what new challenges this development entails. For example, how will these systems get abused? What will be its policies on privacy and sexual harassment? Let’s wait and see!