Helping Bring a New Luxury Furniture Store to Amsterdam

Project Timeline:

We were hired as a part of marketing team starting from August 2020 and until present


Go-to-market strategy, Research, Photo Production

Tools Used:

Squarespace, Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Paid Advertisement

The Shop of Beautiful Things

The Shop of Beautiful Things is a new Amsterdam luxury furniture store. All the pieces are hand-picked from craftsmen across Europe.

The store was founded in 2020, and the founders hired EDGEncy team to help them go to market. Our collaboration is continuing as the company grows and develops.

Main Task:

Because TSOBT is a new company, first of all they required market research, analysis of already existing channels and setting up overall marketing strategy. We have finished pre-required activities in August 2020.

Then, we focused on continuous website optimization, and execution of organic and paid social media strategies in order to generate brand awareness and then gradually move down the funnel. This is an ongoing project, so the results and the process will be covered in a separate case.

Conducting research prior to the start of marketing activities

Continuous executions of integrated-marketing activities


Our Approach


Competitor Analysis

We compared 5 well established companies in Amsterdam. Our consumer behavior analyses showed us that in this price category, buyers purchase this type of product not for their functional benefit, but for the emotional benefit it provides. Therefore, we included in our research both furniture and art brands. We did it to find out:

- Standard marketing practices
- Traffic breakdown
- Strengths & Weaknesses


Customer Persona Research

Without prior data to build our customer persona portrait on, we focused on these aspects to create a customer persona profile:

- Desired brand image
- Customer behavior research
- In-depth research of the industry

As a result, we developed 3 in-depth customer personas profiles. They were used as a starting point for the promotional campaigns. After we collected enough data, we could adjust customer personas accordingly.


Market Research

We researched overall trends and competitive environments.  This analysis served as a foundation for future marketing strategy.
We have also researched major B2B development directions and came up with a list of industry-related conferences and events and upcoming construction developments in the country.


Customer Value Journey

We came us with a step-by-step path of the TSOBT customer from hearing about the brand for the first time to becoming a repeat customer and advocating the brand to others.
To integrate all future marketing activities, we have created a Sales Funnel, which we are executing at the moment.

Defining Unique Value Proposition

If you are tired of all the generic, uninspiring monotony of the contemporary world and want to build your life story around timeless classics, you’re not alone. The Shop of Beautiful Things offers unique designer pieces that tell a story and fits any exquisite taste.

As our collaboration with The Shop of Beautiful Things continuous, we will be sharing our progress on Paid Traffic Campaign, Website Optimization, SMM and ecommerce set up in separate cases.

Meanwhile, if you this case inspired you, and you feel like we can help you set up a business in Amsterdam, or help promote high-end product in the market - get in touch and let's talk about your needs!