How we've built a startup from ground up

and learned how to build a plane while flying it.

As the largest student city in The Netherlands, 
Utrecht has a huge problem of space scarcity. Among other, it concerns availability of study spots. The university libraries do not provide enough study spaces and therefore often packed, cafes don’t provide a comfortable study environment and are often outside of student budget.
Beyond a functional problem of space availability, many students experience difficulties with finding a job after graduation, as their networks are limited to their study program. 
We, the cofounders of Time Space and EDGENCY have experienced these 2 problems first-hand while studying in Dutch Universities. That's why after graduation we came up with a startup idea to solve both of the issues.


We came up with a startup idea - using under-utilized spare capacity of offices and coworking spaces to provide students with study spots. United by one dynamic booking platform.  This way students get perfectly equipped study spots, locations get revenues where there would otherwise have none. And, being in one location, students and professionals/entrepreneurs get a chance to network.
Sharing economy, babe.



Honestly? Everything was a challenge.
We had no experience, no investment, and no location.
Building a successful startup from the scratch became our main life challenge and a mission back then.


  • Created a complete business plan following lean approach

  • Found an investor and our first location; launched the pilot project

  • Were one of the first 60 people to receive a startup visa in the Netherlands

  • Created our website, social media channels, and all the stuff you need

  • Created various online and offline campaigns 

  • Established partnerships with the key players on the market

  • Organized hundreds of events with up to 200 attendees

  • Ran numerous amounts of experiments, failed at times, and pivoted 

  • Hired more people and struggled with delegation for a while 

  • Tested several pricing models and finally came up with the final one

  • Expanded to more than 5 locations, established strong brand image in Utrecht


We went through typical startup bootrsapping phases. This video rom our 1st anniversary low-key crowdfunding campaign illustrates it well!



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