A Short Movie Production
"Student Struggles in Utrecht"


Planning and production of the advertisement video

About the Company: 

Time Space is a student co-working space in Utrecht. It also serves as a community center, organizing events and courses.

The Challenge: 

The company inadvertently created a brand image of being a closed community, not welcoming to newcomers. Therefore, we worked on redefining the company's brand image. We strived to change it from unapproachable and exclusive to friendly and welcoming.

As a part of rebranding we created a short film that explains the struggles of student trying to prepare for his exams in various locations in Utrecht. The film purposely had funny, over-the-top tone of voice and showcased the most known by students places in Utrecht. This was it was relatable to many students.

The film was spread around Facebook student communities and gained over 5K views organically.

Planning: writing a script, arranging filming on the locations, picking actors

Execution: 2-weeks of filming and 2 weeks of editing.