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Your website is your main business and marketing tool. It has to showcase your product in the best way, speak to your target audience and be consistent with your branding and values. In 2022, it’s especially important to have a mobile-optimized website with a good UX and fast load speed. Only then can you ensure the best rate of conversions.

Our team of professional web developers, content creators, UX and graphic designers ensures that the website we build is created in a way to achieve your business objectives. We create websites with their marketing in mind, so you don’t have to think twice about it. We make sure that all required marketing tools and analytics can be easily integrated, therefore your website can start delivering results for you right away.


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custom website development  


perfrormance audit & optimization


monthly hosting & maintenance

Web Development



We will start with a kick-off meeting where together with you we will analyze your company's needs, industry standards, and competition.  Together we will create a list of needed functionality, and will help you choose the most optimal website building platform. We will establish a project timeline and will assign a PM that will keep you updated and engaged in the process.


UX Design

Our team of UX designers will guide you through the process of creating an overall look-and-feel following brand guidelines. We will start by creating mood boards, followed by the first wireframes and mock-ups of the website pages using Figma. We will always leave ample room for your feedback and edits implementation. Our designers can apply a lot of creativity to develop custom solutions.



Our developer will start implementation based on the approved design. We will make sure to regularly share updates, leaving room for testing and feedback. We will make sure that the website is delivered as a ready-to-go solution, having all technical elements, plugins, and hosting in place. We can offer to either host and maintain the website ourselves or help you choose a third-party solution.



As marketeers, we understand that having a functional website is only half of the job. We will make sure your website is SEO-optimized, will setup all necessary marketing tools, and will make sure that analytics and tracking are in place. We will deliver the website as a ready marketing tool that is optimized for conversions, and will give you guidlines on how to use it in the future.

We assume that when starting to build a website  customer personas, branding and content for the website are in place already.
If not, let's take a step back! Our team can help you build a strong base for the future web development.

Web-Development Related Services

Performance Optimization

If your website not performing at an optimal speed, takes a lot of time to load, or its mobile load speed is significantly higher than its desktop...the chances are it's in need of optimization. You can use Lighthouse or PageSpeed Insights to understand whether there is a need to optimize your website performance.
We follow thorough processes of analyzing website architecture, followed by a step-by-step plan for performance optimization, and its implementation. We can bring even most difficult website's load time to 1-3 seconds.

Custom Solutions & Integrations

When using standard website builders and constructors, it can often happen that there is a need for functionality beyond included features. If you need to change look-and-feel of already existing template, integrate a third tool that has no direct compatibility, expand functionality by building additional solution on top of existing interface...we can help you navigate the way.
We can also help you analyze the options, find the most optimal solution, and execute it.


We take away the hussle of developing your own webshop. From design to payment integrations - we provide you with a one stop solution which will help you start selling online effortlessly. We have an extensive experience with Shopify, WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms, as well as integrating several platforms to ensure optimal results.


Create seamless web experience for your users. Our goal is to create a design where nothing stays in the way of conversions. We make sure that web design we create is not only visually appealing, but also functional. Even our most creative designs are always done with the  optimal customer journey in mind.


We help you to get well ranked by the search engines. This doesn't mean simply performing well on Google - other search engines include platforms like Bing, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. We can define a SEO strategy for your website or a blog so you could take over and create your own SEO-optimized content, or we can create the content for you.

Website Audit & Testing

Do you feel like your website is not brining enough conversions? We can run a full audit of your existing website and create a tailor-made report on improving your website's usability, consistency and conversion rate with a step-by-step plan for improvement. We can also run Usability tests or A/B testing for you to make sure our assumptions are backed up by data.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Websites with heavy traffic, large amount of plugins and high level of customization often require hosting  beyond a packaged third-party solutions. Beyond website hosting, we will take care of SSL certificates, will conduct regular plugins updates, will do performance tracking (website load speed, making sure there are no broken links or 404 pages) and will fix any technical issues with a high response time.

Platforms We Mainly Work With

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