Amsterdam-based Law Firm: Website Redesign


Website Audit, UX Design

Tools Used:

Google Analytics, Figma, WordPress

About the Company: 

INN Tax&Legal is an Amsterdam-based law firm that mainly provides  legal services to companies from the CIS countries. Such services include assistance with Immigration, Taxes, and Company Registration and Liquidation.

The Request: 

The client came to us with a request to analyze and improve their website. The problem was that even though there was consistent traffic to the website, the number of conversions was low. After analyzing the website and conducting usability tests, we concluded that the low conversions were likely caused by:

Website design and UX

Load Speed & Performance


UX Redesign Process


Conducting Website Audit

We analyzed historical data from Google Analytics to understand which pages had lower performance, and on which stage of the funnel website visitors drop off. We conducted a UX/UI analysis of the website, as well as the analysis of the website performance.
Based on the gathered data we came up with a report on current flows and suggestions for improvements.


New Design

We conducted a competitor analysis to understand the industry standard. Based on conducted research and audits, we have created a proposal for the website redesign and  have aligned our vision with the INN tax&Legal team. We created updated UX designs from the scratch using Figma as the main tool.