Whatever the needs of your company are - whether you need advice on your business plan or lean approach, establish your social media presence or run a big campaign....

...we believe that each business is a unique case and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in our portfolio.

Struggling with a challenge which is not described below, or a combination of several?  Just give us a call, send an email or schedule a meeting with us and we will see what we can do!

Startup Business Consultancy

Business Plan

Is it the first time you're writing a business plan and you're not sure what exactly it must include and how it should be structured? We've been there too! We can help you to create business plan in a way that attracts the investor. Our experience is based on our experience with investors and experienced entrepreneurs.

Market Research

Even the most amazing business idea is set to an inevitable failure if there is no one out there who needs this product or service. An elaborate market research is important to make sure this doesn't happen. Who are the people who need your product? Where do they stand time? How much are they willing to spend? Ask us to find out! We promise not to stalk anyone.. Probably :) 


Lean Canvas  

Experimentation and data driven approach are at the heart of everything we do and we can teach you to do the same for your business! We will help you to break down your amazing idea into anactionable step by step plan which takes into account all major aspects of creating business - your customers, partners, channels, etc.

Pitch Training

Nailing the "elevator pitch" is an important part of an every startup journey, which is often very challenging. How do you present your whole business idea in less than one minute, sometimes to a large group of people? We can teach you to pitch like a pro!

Startup Visa Consultancy

Non-EU? We relate to you! We went through the whole process from the startup visa application to successful evaluation and transfer to the self-employed status. We can help you define your innovation, benefit to the local economy and competitive advantage to score high for RVO!


Lead Generation


Building a high-quality email list of potential customers is no easy task - luckily, we know the way! Lead magnet is an incentive offered to potential clients in exchange for their information, i.e. email addresses. With the help of marketing automation tools, we make sure that you reach your potential clients and get connected to them!


Giveaways and referral programs 




Events can be one of the most useful marketing tools. They provide a direct interactive experience, which allows you to establish personal relationships with potential clients and partners. We will make sure that your events are top-notch organized and bring the best results for your company!


Paid Social 


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - it’s old news that these platforms can and need to be leveraged for the benefit of your business. We can help you create result-driven promotional campaigns that will help you achieve your goals - whether it is to create awareness, generate sales or reengage existing customers.




Have a great business idea but no financing yet? Crowdfunding can be not only a way to support your business but also to reach a wider audience and establish solid following and interest from the beginning. We can establish the crowdfunding concept and strategy and run it for you to make sure your project is set off to a successful start!


UX analytics 


Not sure what is the part of the website which loses you the most visitors? We can analyze your website and let you know exactly what can be improved to achieve your goals!


Social Media Presence


Nowadays, social media is no longer a trendy game for millennials - it’s a real business tool used by a wide variety of enterprises. Wanna employ it for your business but a mere thought of attention span of 7 seconds across the platforms weights you down? Worry not, we know how to make even seconds count!


Content Marketing


You have a great idea. You product or service is set to change the world, or at least the hearts of its consumers. Amazing! Now the challenge is to communicate clearly what you do, why you do it and what makes you unique. That’s where we come to help. We create content which will in a  simple and engaging manner tell your audience about you, your product and area of expertise. 


Affiliate Marketing


Want to sell your product with the help of others? Then affiliate marketing can be a way to go for you. The basic idea is that you pay a percentage of sale to a party through which channels the sale went through. We can help you find the right partners, set up an affiliate strategy or help your company to become an affiliate seller yourself.

Brand Image, Storytelling


Brand identity is a vital part of who you are. Developing good relationship with your consumers is key for all of your activities, and for that you need to develop a strong brand which stands out in the minds of the consumers. This starts with a good story. We’re here to help you to become a brand you aspire to be.


Video, Photo Production 


If a photo says a thousand words, a video says ten thousand. The most engaging types of content, it will allow you to grasp the attention of even the most inattentive audience members. And we make sure that you use their potential to the maximum!


Growth Hacking Tools


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