Effective Strategies for Your Business

Are you starting a new business? Or pivoting/expanding a current one?

If so, then you need to have a detailed go-to-market strategy in place. We can help you conduct market research and create a strategy that will serve you as a foundation for all future marketing actives.

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Value Proposition

How do you make sure that you capture your unique value? How do you emphasize what distinguishes you from the rest in just a couple of sentences without sounding too commercial? We will help you formulate your Mission Statement and Unique Value Proposition while assuring that your individual voice is not lost along the way.

Competitor Analysis

We create an in-depth analysis of your major competitors, their online presence, positioning and strategy. We will follow the competitor's customer journey to understand their points of improvement and strength, and how you can use that in your business.

Customer Personas

Understand your ideal client based on psychological, lifestyle and geographical characteristics. We will identify ways to target the right audience and create their customer persona profiles. We will also suggest the right channels to reach out to them as well as the optimal tone of voice.

Integrated Sales Funnel

We create a full funnel strategy. We identify how the prospect goes from the initial point of introduction to the brand in the awareness stage, to becoming a repeat customer who refers the brand to others. We will include a list of suggested channels, types of campaigns and major KPIs to watch for.

Trends & Opportunities

We will identify major trends and opportunities based on the particular industry your company is in. Potential B2B partnerships, industry-related events, economic factors, new tools and technologies that can help you grow. We will analyze what will have a direct and indirect effect on your business and present it to you in a concise and structured way.

Social Media Strategy

We help you establish your presence on selected social media, making sure the message is consistent across all of them. Consistent headers, bio, "about us" section, contact information, etc. We will also create a content plan for the pre-determined amount of time and give you recommendations on how to achieve the best results with the content you share.

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