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Digital Marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving. That's why we don't believe in detailed marketing strategies. When things change fast, you have to adjust quickly on the way. That's why we base our marketing on data and constant experimentation - not our opinions.

This way, we meet your KPI with the highest ROI ;)

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Social Media Marketing

Content Creation/Branding

Websites & Conversion Optimization

Sales Funnel Automation

Email Marketing

Ads & Lead Generation


Creating digital presence for the new ed

The EDGENCY team, consisting of Maria, Masha and Kamila, is an international team of young professionals, with a special talent for digital marketing and entrepreneurship in the dynamic world of social media. They designed and operated special online programms for us, run the Seats2meet Magazine as editorial staff and in the meantime operated their own company Time Space. They are quick, clever and reliable.


Masha, Kamila, and Maria are a good team with a broad aspect of skills that will help your business grow. We worked together on establishing social media strategies, email marketing, and events promo campaigns, as well as press releases and campaigns for the software updates. The EDGENCY team has International knowledge and a good balance between serious and fun work!

As a start-up, it is very important to have a good preparation before launching your product. The ladies from EDGENCY helped us do so in a highly professional manner. With their help, we defined goals and tasks relevant to our pre-launch stage. With a good eye for detail, they created engaging content and marketing campaigns that attracted new subscribers to our platform. Apart from their professionalism, the ladies are really social and willing to help at any time.


Email: marketing@edgency.nl

Phone: +31622912893


Address: Vredenburg 40, Utrecht

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