Digital Marketing Agency For Tech Companies. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Digital Marketing Agency For Tech Companies. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Giving tech companies an edge. We devise sustainable growth strategies for companies in the fast-paced tech industry. We implement a holistic approach and use online marketing tools to guide them through each stage of business development.  

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Who we Are? What We Do?

We are a dynamic team of digital marketers passionate about business growth, technology and the newest digital trends. We combine creativity with an analytical approach to offer tailor-made solutions for businesses in tech sector. Our team members perfectly complement each other: tech-savvy and creative, with startup as well as corporate backgrounds.

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How We can Help Innovative Companies

A solid understanding of the startup ecosystem

In the past 6 years, we've collaborated with startups from different industries as their growth partner. We've been helping businesses from the moment of ideation to scaling. Therefore, we clearly understand the main challenges startup companies face and help them overcome them.

A vast network of investors

We work closely together with a number of VC and angel investors, which helps us to gain a solid understanding of their requirements when it comes to startup investments. Being in the ecosystem, we are happy to facilitate connections and help startups secure funding.

Multidisciplinary approach

We have a strong understanding of all aspects of startup operation, not limited to digital marketing. We are happy to use our network to help startups review pitch decks, go over business models, and connect them to the relevant events and stakeholders.

Let's Grow Your

Business. Not Your Ego

We don't focus on "vanity metrics" - metrics that only look good on paper, such as having 100K Instagram followers. Instead, we will work together with you to implement a strategy for sustainable growth and establish effective KPIs.

Agile is the new normal

Finding a product-market fit? Expanding to a new market? Forming a brand strategy? Doesn’t matter. We’ve got you covered from A to Z, and optimizing your long-term ROI is always our main objective.

In EDGEncy They Trust

The EDGEncy team designed and operated special online programms for Seats2meet. They have a special talent for digital marketing and entrepreneurship in the dynamic world of social media. They are also quick, clever and reliable.
They are responsible for running Seats2meet social media channels and running our company blog - writing and editing articles, making video and photo content. They also helped us to promote our regular Seats2meet events - from promoting the events on social media and attracting visitors to creating content on the spot.

Ronald van den Hoff
CEO Seats2Meet & Society 3.0

The EDGEncy team transformed our Pitch deck, improving its design and storytelling. Within a week and a half, we had a first draft that exceeded our expectations. The final copy was exactly what we wanted and helped us secure investor meetings. Communication was excellent and EDGEncy service was fantastic. Highly recommended by CatchJobs. Looking forward to future projects with EDGEncy.

Chris Maxwell
CEO CatchJobs

Thank you EDGEncy!Such a pleasure working with the EDGEncy team.
EDGEncy have, and continue, to provide an exceptional service to my business. Being the dinosaur that I am, EDGEncy have patiently provided me insights into the black hole world of social media and have been instrumental in building our front end systems whilst driving all technical aspects of our e-commerce.
You can be sure that EDGEncy shall work diligently in finding and implementing the right solution for you

Davide Bernabei
Owner The Shop of Beautiful Things

Without EDGEncy I wouldn't have the insights that led me to really learning about online marketing and serving my target audience. I asked for some really honest and straightforward feedback about my website and that's exactly what I got. They know how to do this and still stay respectful and friendly. It made me feel like they really helped me grow.
Furthermore, I really liked their clear communication about the options and opportunities. In my vague language, I told them what I needed and as a reply, I got the options I needed on a silver platter. Also during the process, they made sure I got all the information I needed.

Gina Schlee
Founder of Entreprenality

As a start-up, it is very important to have a good preparation before launching your product. The   EDGEncy team helped us do so in a highly professional manner. With their help, we defined goals and tasks relevant to our pre-launch stage. With a good eye for detail, they created engaging content and marketing campaigns that attracted new subscribers to our platform. Apart from their professionalism, the founders of EDGEncy are really social and willing to help at any time.

Victor Amankwah
Co-founder of TyTA

I worked together with the EDGEncy team on the event promo campaign, press releases and social media campaigns. They are both creative and structured, making sure the results are tracked and optimised on every stage of the project. EDGEncy has a broad in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing and plenty of international experience. Also, they are really fun to work with!As a result of our collaboration, we attracted more than 100 attendees to each of the events we organised.

Nynke Willemsen
Founder of Creatievekop

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