EDGEncy has represented our clients at Money 20/20 for two consecutive years, supporting them with:

Money20/20 is a  global FinTech conference that  draws between 10 000 to 15 000 professionals from diverse backgrounds within the financial sector. These attendees, including bankers, fintech entrepreneurs, investors, and regulators, converge to engage in insightful discussions, network, and stay updated on the latest FinTech trends. The Amsterdam editions of Money20/20 cater to the European fintech landscape, bringing together leaders from regional financial institutions, fintech startups, regulatory bodies, and technology companies. These events provide a platform for in-depth conversations on topics such as digital payments, blockchain technology, financial inclusion, and regulatory advancements, making them a crucial gathering for those seeking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving fintech industry.

Client Profile 1

The Global Association for FinTech & DeFi Solutions is a forward-thinking organization on the leading edge of blockchain technology adoption, present in 80+ countries. They  exhibited at Money 20/20 with a clear objective: to expand their network of members and partners. Their target audience encompassed senior government representatives involved in blockchain development, key decision-makers in larger fintech organizations, and founders of innovative blockchain startups.

Client Profile 2

Global corporation offering next-generation financial technology services and strategic consultation. Operating globally, with a presence across 50 countries, they offer a transformative approach to empowering banks and leading fintech companies, catalyzing their digital evolution. During Money 20/20 they targeted decision-makers within large banks and FinTech companies with a technical background and are at the forefront of leading digital transformation initiatives.


Results we delivered:


Sales-Qualified Leads Delivered


Accounts with revenue over $1 B


Meetings with decision-makers


Throughout the event, the EDGEncy team engaged with and successfully booked meetings with key decision-makers, including VPs, Technical Leads, and Digital Transformation Managers from prominent banks such as Santander, Barclays, Citibank, and Rabobank. Additionally, our efforts extended to attracting government representatives from the European Commission responsible for driving blockchain adoption, underscoring our commitment to fostering valuable connections across diverse sectors.

Our Process


In collaboration with our clients' teams, we established lead qualification standards tailored to their ideal prospects, ensuring we targeted the right attendees effectively.


We delved deep into the companies' offerings, the industry landscape, and identified target prospects. By leveraging networking app, email and LinedIn we strategically prebooked meetings.


Our expert team worked the event floor, engaging with attendees, sparking initial conversations, actively prequalifying leads, and serving as the driving force behind successful lead generation efforts.


Qualified leads were guided to meet with  sales/technical team members for in-depth discussions. We booked meetings with senior key decision makers, ensuring valuable connections were established.


After each interaction, we collected feedback from the teams to assess lead relevance and evaluate lead quality. Each SQL was categorized as hot, warm, or okay, ensuring a clear understanding of the prospects' potential.


Post-event, we delivered a comprehensive list of the acquired leads, including detailed notes, contact information, and a clear call to action, providing a well-organized and actionable resource for the teams.

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