Event B2B Lead Generation

90% of conference attendees miss valuable connections. We've crafted an effective methodology for offline event lead generation. Our dedicated team attends conferences alongside your company, essentially becoming an extension of your team. Through prior research, active prospecting and lead qualification during the event, we bring sales-qualified leads to your team. Specializing in the B2B tech landscape, we empower teams to view each offline event as a valuable opportunity, resulting in tangible results and a significant boost to event ROI.

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We put methodology
       behind serendipity

Establishing lead criteria

Research, preparation, creating online campaigns

Gathering leads through landing pages, pre-booking of the meetings

On the ground networking, qualifying leads

Processing of the leads, creating follow-up startegy.

Delivery of SQLs


no cure = no pay

Lead Qualification Process

Identifying the right target companies

Together with your team, we look at parameters such as relevant industries, company sizes, yearly revenues and geography.

Identifying the right decision maker

Whether you're looking for VPs, product managers, CTOs or Department Heads - we make sure to bring the right kind of connections.

Identifying the right requirment

To determine lead relevance, we consider factors such as current technical requirements, the length of sales cycles, the competitive landscape, and more.

Side-Events Organization

To enhance event ROI, we specialize in organizing side events in conjunction with or separately from conferences in Amsterdam. Our focus is on tailoring each event to align seamlessly with your target audience. We secure top-notch venues to create engaging settings for generating B2B leads and prospects. With utilize our strong local network in Amsterdam, we conduct diligent research and prospecting to ensure the attendance of the most relevant prospects.

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