Our Vision

Our team is a generation of digital natives. We didn’t simply learn about digital, we were born into it.
Digital for us is just as real as the real world. That's why we treat it accordingly.
We know how important it is to have a quality online presence.
Just like you cannot build a house without a roof or windows, you cannot have a long-term sustainable company without a complete digital strategy. In our work, we use a full-stack approach.
We believe that each business is unique and should be treated as such.
We use each marketing tool and channel as a means to achieve your overall objectives: whether it is to increase sales or launch a new product. We don't simply build websites, create content or SMM - we make sure they help you to achieve your overall business goals.

EDGEncy Founders

We are two EDGEncy co-founders -  Masha Moisseyeva and Kamila Ishalina. We've been good friends since our teenage years. Back then, our digital strategy was to help each other increase engagement of our social media (constantly commenting on each other's Instagram posts). Fortunately, our digital marketing knowledge has grown immensely since then.

Kamila holds a degree in Business Administration from Amsterdam School of Business. Masha is a graduate In Business Economics from Utrecht. In 2016, we founded a startup in Utrecht, the Netherlands. There we learned all the aspects of digital marketing - paid traffic, social media, email marketing, etc.  After successful launch of the project, we started helping other businesses  use the same tools to achieve their goals. Since 2017, we've helped over 30 companies in retail, hospitality, education, fashion and IT fields to achieve their business goals with help of digital marketing. We presented as guest speakers in Utrecht University, Here2Start, Startup Weekend, and Seats2Meet Fest. We also regularly organise meet-ups about digital marketing and entrepreneurship in Amsterdam.

Answering your question which you probably already had - you don't have to be on TikTok! You might though. Or use Google Ads. Or Google organic search. Or LinkedIn. Or a careful, strategically planned mix.

It really depends on what your business is all about.
Let's find out together!

Our Values

Goal orientation

We are not advocates of any specific tool or channel - instead, we believe in a holistic approach to marketing. We understand that as a business owner you don't want to buy SMM, SEO or paid ads per say - we're interested in your end goal..


Being fast is what helps you to stay relevant. We always deliver work as fast as possible and follow a clear pre-determined timeline.

Creativity & Individual approach

Each business is different, and therefore requires to be treated as such. We use the best practices - but come up with unique solutions which best suit your specific needs.


We're easy to work with and there for you when you need us. We respond to all your requests within 24 hours and will never randomly disappear for several days.

Client Orientation

We love to work with our clients and learn from each other. We're friendly and easy to talk to - there are no stupid questions when it comes to your business!

Being on top of the Trends

Marketing is a rapidly changing field, and things which work now won't work the same way in a few years. Therefore, it's important to stay on top of the latest trends. Our team never stops learning - through courses, blogs, conferences and using the latest tools.

Our Team is Our Biggest Value

Kamila Ishalina

Co-founder & Marketing Director

Masha Moisseyeva

Co-founder & Business Developer

Katya Bezedey

Photographer & Videographer

Robert Tenti

Copywriter & Content Creator

Serge Radevich

PPC & Integration Specialist

Adrian West

Graphic Designer