Our Approach

In our work, we use the agile and data-driven approach. Together with our clients we always establish a list of main KPIs and create hypotheses for further validation. After a series of experiments, we measure the results, analyze the data and continue sustainable growth while keeping ROI as the main metric.
While we value the importance of data, crunching numbers alone does not bring results. As our company name implies, our team understands the importance of having that creative ‘edge’ that forms authentic connections with people and makes businesses stand out from the pack.

Our Clients

We have experience working with startups and scale-ups - helping them find product market fit, achieve fast growth, and expand to new markets. We have also worked with larger organizations to help them enable innovation from within. We use a mix of powerful tools that can amplify any message and bring a product in front of large audiences. That is why we channel our effort into working with impactful concepts and industries that improve our lives.





Where are our clients located:

Our Vision

At EDGEncy, our higher purpose is to empower technology innovation and startups to drive progress and shape the future. We believe in the power of technology to change the world and the potential of startups to lead that change.

We use our deep understanding of digital marketing and expertise to amplify the message of these innovative and impactful companies, accelerating their growth and enabling them to make a greater impact. Our goal is to be a catalyst for progress, working alongside technology leaders to drive change and shape the future for the better.

Founders Story

Hi there! We are  Kamila and Masha - the two founders of EDGEncy. Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves, and how EDGEncy came into existence. We met during our university years in the Netherlands while studying Economics and Business at Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam. Right after graduation, we decided to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, and with the help of an Angel investor, founded our first startup.

As we developed our startup from the ground up, we had learned ins and outs of digital marketing for startups, principles of agile, and growth hacking. With time, we started consulting other startups & scale-ups about marketing and growth. This is how EDGEncy was born. We started taking more and more projects, the projects got bigger, our team expanded, and we shifted our services to bigger enterprises and several other industries. We currently have 15 amazing team members in the Netherlands and internationally.

Our Core Team

Kamila Ishalina

Co-founder & Marketing Director

Masha Moisseyeva

Co-founder & Business Developer

Serge Radevich

PPC & Integration Specialist

Jolanda van de Berg

Project Manager

Robert Tenti

Copywriter & Content Creator

Katya Bezedey

Photographer & Videographer

Adrian West

Senior UX Designer

Vlad Landau

Web Development Team Lead

Our Values