Brand Strategy for Businessights




September 2022


Brand Strategy

The Challenge

Businessights is an Amsterdam-based venture offering consultancy and investment services to emerging tech startups. When Businessights came to EDGEncy, the team had a portfolio of over 20 startups, with several successful exits, and participated in transaction volume of half-billion. However, most of the clients and stakeholders were gained through personal contact and the word-of-mouth. No online channels were used.

What We Did

Using our methodology, we helped Businessighst develop a brand identity and a brand strategy for online communication channels, such as the website, LinkedIn and Crunchbase. The main challenge was capturing the unique essence of the company, and its innovative approach to work. Businessights does not follow into a category of a traditional VC or a consultancy firm. It operates in a holistic way and relies on horizontal agreements.

Our Process


We guided an extensive session with the founder of Businessights to gain understanding of the core values, mission and vision of the company. We analyzed existing information and data and filled in the brief.


In order to understand the competitive environment, we chose 6 relevant
concepts (VCs, angel investors and business
) in the industry. We analyzed these industry players and based on that
came up with a list of insights and suggestions for Businessights.


Based on the gained insights, we created Businessights' brand book, capturing both brand values, and its visual identity.


We created communication strategy and guidelines for content creation, based on the main brand strategy and its unique tone of voice.

Competitor Environment: Insights

Majority of VCs don't have a large social media presence. They promote themselves on LinkedIn, podcasts, and news outlets. Majority of their digital channels look outdated and are not intended for building connections. The main way for them to expand the network is through personal connections and word of mouth.
For angel investors, it's important to describe the type of projects they are involved in, their progress and outcomes. For that, it's necessary to fill out the Angel List and Crunchbase profiles with relevant information and outcomes..
A recognizable tone of voice along with unique opinions work better than generic and “correct” content. This works both for personal brand and for company positioning. Being “opinionated” and sometimes unconventional works for many Business Influencers, and gets them noticed, and invited for events, and podcasts.

Brand Vision

 True progress lies in the freedom of association, network building, and the sharing of ideas. This can be facilitated through technological evolution. As technology advances and networks of like-minded people are formed, centralized institutions will be rendered obsolete, value will be produced through collaboration and sharing of ideas.

We conveyed these brand values by creating a new brand. The main colours - dark blue and light blue - represent trust, reliability and openness. The accent orange represents enthusiasm and fun. This creates a feeling of a brand you can trust and which also dares to be authentic and bold and expresses its opinions freely.

For the imagery, we decided to choose abstract style. The dots forming a united circle represent the power of association while working towards the shared goal. Abstract imagery for the social media aims to represent the transformative potential technology has in our society.

Content Strategy

It is important to stay true to your brand. The unique tone of voice, philosophy and opinions need to shine through. Authenticity will bring more tangible results. Being provocative is better than being generic. If you disagree with somebody’s statements, express your opinion in a firm but respectful manner.


With the help of the new brand identity, we managed to represent Businessight's values and objectives in a more clear, consistent way. It helps to position it as different from the others, having its own unique approach and tone of voice. Structured communication and content help potential partners to remember and perceive the brand as unique. Furthermore, collaboration with Businessights is an ongoing process - therefore, we will be helping to implement new brand guidelines across the company's channels.

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