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What Do Space Technologies, African Entrepreneurs and European Angels Have in Common?

Our team was recently at the European Angel Investor Summit in Brussels, where more than 500 participants came together to deepen our understanding of the European investment landscape.

What insights did we gain from this conference? Let's delve into the key takeaways:

Space Tech as a Climate Change Solution

Christer Fuglesang, one of Sweden's pioneering astronauts, delivered an inspiring talk on the boundless possibilities of space technology for humanity's future. While angel investments in the space sector are still relatively new, the growth potential is undeniably immense. From advancing established satellite technologies to tracking wildlife, like counting elephants, to more unconventional ideas such as sun dimming to combat global warming – we are at the dawn of space exploration. It's an exciting moment for ambitious entrepreneurs and investors to join forces and push the boundaries of the field.

Bridging Africa and Europe

Cross-border investments offer a gateway for European investors to combine financial returns with making a meaningful impact. The summit featured an engaging panel discussion that focused on shaping a sustainable future for Africa through strategic investments. This dialogue highlighted the critical significance of grasping local markets, supporting local talent, and discovering fresh opportunities. With several African countries experiencing remarkable economic growth, surpassing some established economies, there is a clear chance for investors to tap into these emerging markets and harness the continent's potential. The confluence of economic growth and technological advancements underscores the remarkable potential for European investors to participate in Africa's transformative journey.

European Regulations for Responsible AI

The rapid growth of the AI sector has spurred the need for regulation to prevent the misuse of algorithms in Europe. The proposed regulatory framework, as outlined in the Artificial Intelligence Act proposal, addresses this concern. According to the European Commission's research, about 50% of AI startups pose moderate to high threats. Hence, the European Commission advocates banning unacceptable practices in AI development, such as social scoring, and enforcing stricter regulations for potentially risky solutions, all while demanding transparency. These regulations are paramount considerations for entrepreneurs and investors venturing into this space.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Startups

Diversity and inclusion in the startup world extend beyond societal fairness – they are also a wise financial choice. Research indicates that diverse teams typically yield 35% higher returns. In light of the increasing societal challenges in Europe, it's more crucial than ever to expand the pool of potential entrepreneurs. Encouraging women and individuals of color to step into entrepreneurship and secure funding is a top priority. This not only accelerates economic growth but also fosters sustainable long-term development.


In conclusion, what do space technologies, African entrepreneurs, and European angels share in common at the European Angel Investment Summit? The unifying thread is the pursuit of a stronger, more sustainable, and more diverse startup ecosystem in Europe and beyond. The summit served as a platform where these diverse threads converged into a vibrant tapestry of possibilities for the future.

By understanding and promoting diversity, embracing innovative space technologies, fostering collaboration between continents, and staying attuned to emerging AI regulations, we pave the way for a brighter entrepreneurial landscape.