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About the Book: 

Hoera, Het Wordt Ingewikkeld! (Eng. Hurray, It Gets Complicated!) is a new book by the Dutch entrepreneur & tech influencer Ronald Van Den Ronald Hoff and a philosopher and journalist Hans van Willigenburg. Van Den Ronald Hoff is a famous trendwatcher and philosopher in the Netherlands. He co-founded one of the first and largest HospitalityTech companies in the country - Van Willigenburg is a renowned journalist who writes for De Volkskrant, Trouw and Nieuwmarkt Revu.

Based on their experience, they have a shared vision of the future. Will technology render us incapable of making our own decisions? How can we make sure that we lead meaningful lives with so many distractions around us? How do we make sense of the complexities of our world? These questions, along with many others, are explored by them in this thought-provoking book.

The Request: 

EDGEncy Team was hired by Ronald van den Hoff to organize:

Physical Launch

Digital Launch


Digital Book Launch


Setting up Analytics

Prior to running campaigns we set up Google Analytics. We then defined clear goals and conversions to better analyze: Effectiveness of advertising campaigns; Behavior of website visitors and the amount of traffic; The sources of traffic; and Time spent on the website.


Defining Target Audience

At the beginning of the advertisement process, we tested variables such as: Interests, Demographics, Geolocation. As a result of these tests, we defined an initial target audience for which we continued our advertising campaigns.


Setting up Experiments

We set up advertising campaigns through Facebook Ad Manager. For that, we created several visuals and copies to test which combinations would be optimal. We started with a modest daily campaign budget of €5. We used a dynamic campaign to test which blends of copy and visuals performed best and also tested several different geographic areas as a starting point.


Optimization and Growth

After running several campaigns for the first 2 weeks , we collected enough data to define the most effective placements, creatives and target groups. We proceeded with further optimization and discontinued underperforming campaigns.  We also created a retargeting campaign to re-engage visitors that did not initially convert.


Results that we achieved:

10 000

monthly website visitors


initial book downloads


book downloads after retargeting


"I worked together with the EDGEncy team on the event promo campaign, press releases and social media campaigns. The EDGEncy team has broad international knowledge and a good balance between serious and fun work!"

Nyne Willemsen, founder of Creatievekop

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