Market Research and Strategy for a New Online Gallery

The Request: 

The client came to us  with a request to conduct market research prior to the launch, and create strategy for all future marketing activities.


A new online gallery/marketplace that helps to connect talented emerging artists from top art schools to the new generation of art buyers.


Market Research & Strategy

What we did: 


Industry Analysis

We analyzed the suppliers and buyer power, overall competitive rivalry and thread of substitution. We analyzed 6 direct and indirect competitors to identify strong & weak points, understand industry standards, traffic sources and customer needs they cover as well as their digital channels.


Consumer Analysis

We have conducted a series of interviews with buyers in the market. Based on that and general purchasing trends in the industry, we created an analysis which helps to understand better where to find ideal customers, and what  their needs and motivations are.


Customer Value Journey & Sales Funnel

Based on the research, we identified what channels to use and what content needs to be created for each stage of the journey. We have created an integrated sales funnel with a structure that would most optimally utilize traffic.



Together with the founders we indicated the niche in the market and a USP that would allow the company to compete against bigger and more established companies. Our research helped to identify limitations in the current offerings to help establish the company's overall strategy.

A Sneak Peak at the Conducted Research

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