Expanding Online Magazine to
International and Millennial Audiences

Project Timeline:

We were hired as a part of the team for the period 2018-2020


Affiliate Marketing, SMM, Content Marketing, Web Design

Tools Used:

WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Paid Advertisement


Seats2meet is one of the Netherland’s largest coworking and meeting space provider (180 locations worldwide) and a creator of an innovative matching software - S2M Passport (200.000 passport users).

S2M Passport uses AI algorithm to match its users to each other, and match users to articles, news, and events based on their tags and historical data.

The main content platform of S2M is S2M Online Magazine. Guest writers can submit their own articles that fit the guidelines, and the articles are matched to S2M users.

Main Challenge:

Seats2meet was mostly popular only among Dutch population of the age group 35-55. Our main goal was to increase awareness about S2M internationally, and among millennial audience in The Netherlands.

EDGEncy was hired for 2 years to lead Editorial Team of S2M Magazine, expand its readership and start monetizing through affiliate marketing.

Tools that we used: 

Seats2meet Online Magazine

Social Media Channels


Our Approach


Analyzing Data and Trends

We looked at the historical data of S2M Magazine and did an additional research. We then defined that among millennial population the most popular topics in the Magazine were Entrepreneurship, Technology, Sharing Economy, and the Future of Work.



We restructured the S2M Magazine based on the categories. Using these categories and our understanding of the target audience, we defined tone of voice, visual identity as more youthful and progressive. We then created a long-term SEO and Social Media content strategies.


Process Automation

We worked out a clear structure where any user could submit an article for review under on of the categories.
We created a separate channel for articles featuring promotions of products or services, and created an automated structure for submitting paid articles.



We produced continuous content across Facebook, LinkedIn and Istagram and grew S2M # of followers organically. We used Paid Social to reach our target audience across the world. Through Social Media and Paid Social we increased the amount of S2M Magazine readers and partners.


Results that we achieved:


monthly S2M Magazine readers across the world.


knowledge tags were used in the online magazine


magazine contributors, both organic and paid


"The EDGEncy team is an international team of young professionals, with a special talent for digital marketing and entrepreneurship in the dynamic world of social media. They designed and operated special online programms for us, run the Seats2meet Magazine as editorial staff. They are quick, clever and reliable"

Ronald van den Hoff, founder of Seats2meet