AI-Based Matching Algorithm for Coworking and Meetings - Scaling from the Netherlands to the World

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Project Timeline:

We were hired as a part of the team from 2018 to 2020


SEO, Content Marketing, SMM, Branding, Web Design

Tools Used:

WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Paid Advertisement


Seats2meet is one of the Netherland’s largest coworking and meeting space providers (180 locations worldwide) and a creator of an innovative matching software - S2M Passport (200.000 passport users).

S2M Passport uses AI algorithm to match its users to each other, and match users to articles, news, and events based on their tags and historical data.

The main content platform of S2M is S2M Online Magazine. Guest writers can submit their own articles that fit the guidelines and the articles are matched to S2M users.

How does it Work?

Visitors of the event or workspace create a profile where they list their skills and answer several questions related to their occupation. Then they can also ask a question related to the struggle they currently face at work. Based on this input, the algorithm matches the user with a relevant person at the location who is likely to benefit the user of the platform. This results in new projects, and job opportunities and creates additional value for coming to the location.

Main Challenge:

Before the start of our collaboration, was already a well-known and successful business in the Netherlands. The company aimed to expand its success further by scaling its platform usage internationally. Therefore, the EDGEncy team was hired to help create a strategy for that and subsequently implement it.

Tools that we used: 

Seats2meet Online Magazine

Social Media Channels


Our Approach


Analyzing Data and Trends

Before the start of the collaboration, we analyzed historical data of the Seats2meet ecosystem. SEO plays a big role in S2M strategy. The company uses its blog to talk to its readers on topics related to entrepreneurship, tech, and the future of work.. A large proportion of traffic would come from organic. However, the magazine lacked coherent structure, making it difficult to navigate and damaging the user experience. Further, it didn't have a consistent tone of voice, hence damaging brand recognition.


SEO Strategy

Therefore, to expand their reach, we, first of all, decided to optimize and develop this channel. We began by performing a complete audit of the website to identify the best-performing terms and pages. As a result of our research, we discovered content strategy gaps. Based on that, we created a semantic core. After that, we set up a common structure and a list of blog post topics that we expected would help us increase the readership.


Content Marketing - Creating and Distributing Content for Maximum Impact

After setting up the structure, the next step was to implement the established content strategy. S2M has a large pool of enthusiastic writers who regularly voluntarily share their expertise and insights on the platform. Our task was to provide structure to their enthusiasm to ensure their content would become visible to the maximum number of people. Therefore, we created guidelines with the list of best practices and content specifications.


Rebranding - Developing a More Coherent Brand Identity

Furthermore, we divided the magazine into categories, which would make navigation easier. The categories we selected were the most popular topics we identified, which included Future of Work, Sustainability, Sharing Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. Then we continued our work on re-engaging the writers to share the required content. After receiving the content from the team, we would optimize it according to the best SEO practices. Subsequently, we would further distribute the content across social media to increase its reach.


330% Increase in Website Traffic

Using content strategy, consistent branding and best SEO practices helped us to significantly increase the traffic to the website. At the start of the collaboration, the website had 30 000 monthly visitors. After one year of our work, this number increased to 100 000.

250% Increase in Monthly Readership

Furthermore, the number of monthly readers has also increased. At the start of the collaboration, the blog featured 10 000 monthly readers. In one year, this number has risen to 25 000.

50% Increase in the Number of International Bookings

As a result of the rebranding of the blog and social media to appeal to younger international users, the number of visitors among internationals in the Netherlands and abroad locations increased by 50%.


monthly S2M Magazine readers across the world.


monthly website visitors


magazine contributors, both organic and paid


"The EDGEncy team is an international team of young professionals, with a special talent for digital marketing and entrepreneurship in the dynamic world of social media. They designed and operated special online programs for us and ran the Seats2meet Magazine as editorial staff. They are quick, clever and reliable"

Ronald van den Hoff, founder of Seats2meet

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