Skinive. Helping Bring Health AI App to the International Market

Project Timeline:

Continuous Collaboration


Market Research, Go-to-market strategy, Branding, UX

Tools Used:



Skinive is an AI app for skin heath diagnostics and monitoring. It gives both users and medical professionals an easy-to-use solution for detecting skin diseases and keeping track of their developments. AI mechanism of Skinive can diagnose 50+ skin conditions by analyzing images taken with a smartphone. Skinive also provides an API solution that can be easily integrated with other telemedicine solutions and medical systems.

Main Task:

After passing the first MVP-testing stage, Skinive has planned an expansion toward the European market, followed by South-East Asia. Skinive required an update of its brand positioning and a creation solid marketing strategy which would match its strong tech and wholesome functionality, followed by its execution. The main challenge was to communicate Skinive value to the end user, and make sure its complex functionality is well understood and is appealing to customers.

EDGEncy team continues to work with Skinive to ensure its sustainable growth through digital marketing channels.

Conducting research & developing branding startegy

Creating UX design of the updated website

Defining Value Proposition

While effective treatments for skin ailments and diseases are available, early detection is the biggest challenge to reducing mortality rates and other serious complications. We aim to raise awareness of the global battle against skin diseases and are providing the latest in screening technology to people all over the world. With Skinive, early detection and prevention are made easier with the simple use of a smartphone camera. Through the aid of cutting-edge Deep Learning AI technology, users of our award-winning app will be provided with instant and accurate results, followed by instructions on how to best proceed. Whether you’re a trained medical professional, or someone looking to monitor a skin ailment from the comfort of your home, Skinive is an effective and easily accessible tool that is of little or no cost to the user. Moreover, as many skin blemishes do not require immediate medical treatment, Skinive users will be able to save time and money on needless trips to their general practitioner or dermatologist

Developing Skinive Branding

The main challenge was to communicate Skinive value to the end user in an engaging and appealing way. With Skinive's brand positioning, we focused on assuring that its complex functionality is well understood and creates an urge to try it out.

We decided to go for bright colors. Then we created unique illustrations that would catch attention of the users and explain the concept in a visual way. Since the topic of skin diseases can make users feel uneasy and worried, we decided to keep Skinive brand optimistic and bright.

When choosing Tone of Voice we had to make sure its reassuring and calming, but also emphasizing the solution and preventive measures that the technology delivers. Firm, professional but not going into professional jargon, assuring and straight to the point, with no humor or indirect messaging.


Research & Go-to-Market Strategy


Competitor Analysis

We identified 7 similar companies that provide similar solutions for either B2C or B2B customers. We completed the research to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the major players and the marketing tools they use. As a result of the research, we found the main competitive advantage of Skinive and identified opportunities for gaining a bigger market share based on the industry standards and its unique advantages.


Customer Persona Research

We created customer personas for the end users and identified two major groups: people suffering from skin diseases, and those who are interested in early diagnostics and prevention. We created a list of potential B2B target profiles and identified how they can profit from integrating Skinive solution into their work processes. We analyzed demographic, psychographic traits, and main communcation channles.


Customer Value Journey

Then we came up with a step-by-step path of the Skinive customer. This path starts from hearing about the product for the first time to becoming a regular app user and advocating the product to others. To integrate all future marketing activities, we created an integrated Sales Funnel, which we are executing at the moment.

Since Skinive has several target audiences (B2C, Medical Professionals, Medical Systems, and Telemedicine Companies), we needed to create separate landing pages that would resonate with their target, and would be united by one style.

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