Project Timeline:

July 2021 - July 2022


Paid Advertisement, UX/UI, Web Development, Content Marketing

Tools Used:

WordPress, Figma, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter


The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications offers developers and users of DLT a global forum to interact with regulators and policymakers and bring blockchain technology to the next stage of wider implementation. Initiated by the European Commission and launched in April 2019, the association has a membership base of around 170 organizations, from start-ups to key industry players in various sectors. The association is additionally supported by the Academic Advisory Body and the Governmental Advisory Body, including organizations like World Food Program, the World Bank, and the United Nations.

EDGEncy Involvement

The EDGEncy team is responsible for forming the digital identity of INATBA, creating a structural approach to acquiring and engaging users across channels. INATBA has a strong connection within the European Government and a network of high-profile experts in the blockchain industry. EDGEncy got on board to help the concepts receive a concrete digital shape, spread awareness, and create a structural approach to acquiring and engaging users across channels.


Engaging Exiting Users

At the beginning of the journey, the main task was to audit existing digital channels, understand the needs of INATBA members, and come up with a solution for creating an internal INATBA member portal - an internal platform for existing INATBA members. The portal would bring direct value to the members by offering exclusive content, networking opportunities and a platform to share publications, research, news and events.

INATBA members can be divided into two groups:



INATBA membership is mainly based on corporate (Large, Medium, Small, Micro) and trade associations membership (not for profit). Members have to place their candidature for becoming members of INATBA, a membership committee is evaluating and approving the membership.


Advisory Boards

INATBA strives to bring both high-profile academics and government representatives to participate in the dialogue around blockchain. It  has two boards - the Governmental Advisory body and Academic Advisory Body. Joining these bodies is based on a solicitation letter.

INATBA unites members from significantly different worlds (corporations and startups, governmental representatives, and academics) with the goal of co-creating regulation around blockchain and fostering innovation in DLT. The main challenge we have faced was creating a user journey that would resonate with all parties, would have an ease of use for all representatives, and would encourage interaction and engagement among all parties. After a careful analysis of the structure, our team has created UX & UI designs for the internal member portal. The functionality of the portal has included a networking platform for users with different visibility and accessibility rights, an interactive showcase of all members, and a directory of publications, events, news, and video recordings. Given the high sensitivity of the information and a large number of users, we have spent a crucial amount of time establishing functionality and developing custom-made solutions. As a result, INATBA members were able to conveniently and securely use the platform to interact and collaborate with other parties, add publications, and lead the dialogue alongside blockchain regulations.

Membership Recruitment in EU & MENA

We have used Google Ads campaigns with a monthly ad budget of up to 10K EUR to reach the estimated KPIs. We have successfully acquired users from both corporations and targeted SMEs. During this project, we faced several challenges. Namely, it's a different target audience we needed to attract - this includes both startups and corporate clients, which have different reasons for joining the INATBA network.

To help address the varying needs of these different segments, we created separate landing pages for these target audiences. We largely automated the application process for startup organizations. At the same time, we created a structure that allows for closer personal contact for the corporations. This way, we could speed up the process for startups and provide corporations with enough necessary guidance to make an informed decision.

Promotion of Content & Voice of INATBA

Prior to our collaboration, INATBA already had a large social media presence and large amount of content on the website.  However, these efforts did not follow a clear structure and were fragmented. Hence, it wasn't feasible for the company to achieve clear measurable results across its channels. EDGEncy team was brought in to help structure INATBA's social media & SEO activities.

We have created social media and SEO strategies to:

● Educate the audience on events and resources
● Increase awareness of the brand within the blockchain community
● Expand membership
● Re-engage already existing members and convey the value of the offering to them.

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