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Google Search Ads based on the Google Ads Grant

In the past years EDGEncy team worked with 6 Google Grant accounts from the following industries: 





We have worked with various types of goals and campaigns for Non-Profit organizations. The goals included:

Results came through extensive experimentations. Any Google Ads campaign requires a lot of testing, however due to the limiting nature of Google Grant, a lot more testing was required to achieve growth. Testing included A/B tests on different variables, localization of in-app content and on-site content. Localization of ads to identify which countries are most likely to respond when communicating in their own language.  Testing of hundreds of landing pages to identify which ones convert the best.


While working with Nonprofits, we delivered:

115 468





conversion rate

We know that lot of companies that are eligible for the Google Ads Grant Program do not know about this opportunity. So we decided to come up with a full description to help companies understand whether Google Grant can be beneficial for their business development.

What is the Program About?

Google Ad Grant is a grant that is part of the Google Non-Profit program that serves Non-Profit Organizations around the world. It provides $10 000 to use on Google Ads, a form of advertising also known as pay-per-click (PPC). The grant program is available to non-profits only and you must be enrolled in the Google Grants program to receive it. At the same time, you can apply for two other options, YouTube for Nonprofits and Workspace for Non-Profits that provide you with extra features and tools which are only available in the paid versions for commercial businesses.

Who is it for?

The Grant Programs are only available to Nonprofits, however, not only charities are eligible for this program. Any organization from any industry can be eligible. The main idea of this grant is to reflect the mission of your non-profit correctly and identify how it will bring impact to users by increasing awareness about the Non-Profit.

Charity Donations is useful for a non-profit organization that is looking to attract donations. The budget will let you create the proper campaign to warm up the audience and build trust in your organization. People rarely donate within the first interaction unless you're a world-known organization and clearly highlighted problem solving.



10 000$ monthly towards your advertisement. This amount is usually enough to deliver the right message sticking to the KPIs. This amounts to an additional 120 000$ of yearly marketing budget, which would benefit any organization.


With this budget, you can accumulate around 400 visitors a day, depending on the location and Cost-Per-Click in the region. On our behalf, we strive to deliver the best quality and reach the highest Quality Score in order to place your message at the very top.


High likelihood of reaching your target audience. Google is the number one Search Engine in the world, and according to the statistics around 80% of users use Google to perform searches on a daily basis.


Usage of Google Ads together with other tools will help to get more digital insights and data about your potential customers/donors/users.


You are always in charge of your message. You control what’s written and how it’s written and make sure the message is delivered to the right people. Google Ads is the best tool in terms of flexibility.


Excellence Return on Investment. Your organization spends nothing from its pocket since it's secured by Google and spends money that is not part of your organization’s budget.

The Requirments

  • Be eligible Non-Profit Organization (NPO)
  • Have a high-quality website that meets the website policy
  • Meet the Program Policy.

The Potential Challenges

  • Google gives preference to the commercial accounts that participate in auctions.
  • Google Ads Grant has specific requirements to receive and keep the grant.
  • Google Ads Grant is allowed to use only for Search Campaigns without using the partners’s websites and GDN Network.

Performance Requirements to keep the Google Ads Grant:


The account must maintain a 5% click-through rate each month. This can be a tough hurdle for those who did not optimize their accounts.  Failing to meet this threshold for 2 consecutive months can result in a temporary account deactivation.


All accounts created after January 2018 must have conversion tracking in place in Google Ads and need to have at least one (meaningful) macro conversion per month. It should record key actions taken by site visitors - for example, filling out a contact form or making a donation.

Account Structure Requirements:

At least 2 ad groups per campaign

At least 2 ads per ad group

At least 2 sitelink ad extensions

Our EDGEncy team can lead our customers from A to Z, from the very beginning to the very end, from the very start of consideration to open the Non-Profit Organization to long-term cooperation and keeping the account convertible, constantly improving the results.

If your organization meets the requirements mentioned above, get in touch!

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