Scaling a Medical Equipment E-commerce Store With the Help of Google Ads

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WinterMed, a Swiss medical equipment e-commerce retailer.


August 2021 - April 2022


We were hired to generate sales of inventory online with the help of Google Ads.

Tools Used:

Google Search Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics

Google Search Ads

Results that we achieved:




Average monthly revenue from ads


Average ROAS

The Challenge

At the start of our collaboration, the WinterMed account was not bringing desired results. The spend on the account was high, CPC was high as well, business was losing to the competitors in the auction insights, and none of the conversions were tracked. The overall experience of the ads and their quality was bad.

Our goal was to start from the very beginning, set up the account, track conversions, and choose the right strategy. Since the budget remained unchanged, our goal was also to increase the traffic for the same amount of money.

The first step was to implement Google Analytics, set it up properly, track the conversions on the website and import them to Google Ads. Additional efforts were put into tracking the Ninja Forms. After doing that, our next step was to restructure the account, create the campaign and divide it into three core topics: general requests, knee requests, and shoulder requests.

The client had a list of accumulated keywords, which we filtered out and sorted by relevance and performance. As soon as we had a list of the relevant keywords, we applied proper Keyword Matching Types. Moreover, we created the ads to see what types of ads would find the better response from the clients' side.

Our client previously was using the Maximize Conversions bidding strategy without having conversion tracking set up on his account. We decided to use the Maximize clicks for the launch of the ads, so we could warm up the campaign with clicks and see if CPC could be brought down. The main requirement was that the keywords we use have a high-quality score, since the previous results of the clients were low, which affected the outcome. All the keywords we used in the client’s account started with a quality score of 7 and higher. Average CPC fell as we beat every competitor in terms of impression share: average, top, absolute top.

The only problem was the loss of conversions due to the attribution model. The issue was successfully resolved. Due to the high competition, there was a consideration period for the potential client while they researched the competition and compared prices. That helped us to conclude that paid ads could not be the only touch point in the customer journey. The account is still running with the previous setup and brings conversions and value to the company fully automated.

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