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When Marketing Simply Doesn’t Work?

There is a perception sometimes of marketing professionals as all-powerful wizzes who can sell even snow to Eskimos. However, is it a valid idea?

With the increase of advertising platforms and brand messages we face every day, pushy marketing techniques have rapidly become a thing of the past. Instead, they pathway to more sustainable marketing communication and customer relationship building. 

So under these realities, are there cases when marketing wouldn’t help you reach your goals? I have some in mind.

You don’t have a clear positioning

If you don’t know exactly what you offer and to whom, no amount of traffic can fix that. If you think that your product is so good it appeals to anyone, or your targeting is as broad as “women in their 30s”, it’s a good idea to go back to the research stage and think long and hard about who it is you want to have as your client. Then, think about how you address their pain point in a way that is authentic and highly specific.

You don’t have a well-deгfined sales funnel

How often have you seen the pushy ads of brands you know nothing about asking you to buy-buy-buy? This is what advertising without a clear sales funnel looks like. This type of marketing is the same as asking your first date to marry you. Sure, one in 100 can agree, but the other ones, who had some interest in you and perhaps would’ve agreed, later on, would just get scared by your forcefulness and run away. So, before asking your clients to “marry” you, take them out for a few dates first. Buy them a cup of coffee, tell them why you are a good match, and gain their trust first.

Your timing is off

This one may seem like a no-brainer. We all know about seasonality and probably won’t try to make a fortune selling Santa hats in June. (Although, here in Holland, we LOVE to plan. So I might reconsider this one.) However, it’s not only the holiday calendar you should consider. Instead, your job as a marketer is to keep track of all the major current events. We saw just how unpredictable life can be last year. No amount of marketing would sell holiday tickets under uncertain conditions. So keep an eye on what is happening around you - it can affect your conversion rates much more than any copy or creatives would!

These are just a few cases when even strong marketing would be wasted. It is a good idea to always consider external environment and your offer before investing your time and resources into marketing.